Sunday, December 10, 2017

EDIM 508- Reflection Blog: Project 3

Reflection Blog: Project 3

The Discovery Education Board Builder is an opportunity for students to develop their respectful and ethical mind.  The Board Builder provides teachers with the opportunity to create a medium for students to develop their respectful mind, providing a use of media and tools to present different versions of lessons, topics, and views.  This allows students to learn and be presented with different perspectives of topics.  As Gardner states.  If one wishes to raise individuals who are respectful of differences across groups, a special burden is accordingly placed on education in the social sciences, the human sciences, the arts and literature” (114).  Students need to be taught different ways media can be used and how it can frame the way we understand important concepts and information.  Board builder provides students with a medium were many different experiences can be taught and developed.  The board created for The French and Indian War provides students with an opportunity to understand the concerns that affected the colonists and also gives students an understanding through maps and images. Students can develop an understanding of how this war drove colonists into the American Revolution.  The idea of providing a digital board where students can develop these minds supports the develop of their understand of how these issues then moved America to where it is today. “Students need to understand why they are learning what they are learning and how this knowledge can be put to constructive uses” (142).  The digital board proves a stepping stone with this historical event to provide them with the understanding of why we are learning about this event and provides them with the tools for them to develop a disciplined mind to take the information and process it.  “But if we are to be ethical human beings, it is equally our job to use that understanding to improve the quality of life and living and to bear witness when that understanding (or misunderstanding) is being used in destructive ways” (142).  The digital board proves a respectful mind through video and images for students to develop an ethical mind to process the information to develop their own understanding and perspective.  Students are given the factual information to develop their own respectful and ethical mind on the topic and apply it to further studies.

Gardner, H. (2009). Five minds for the future. Harvard Business Press.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

EDIM 508 Video Blog/Week 7

Week 7- Video Blog

Gardner, H. (2009). Five minds for the future. Harvard Business Press.